Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain

From the cover page of numerous magazines to the start screen on Windows computers, ‘Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain’ is one of the most photographed and published subjects of recent times.

Magnificent view

Since opening in November 2011, the walkable sculpture has made headlines all over the world. The landmark can be seen from miles around and was built on the site of a former slag heap south of Duisburg. Anyone who clambers up the steps as far as the loop is rewarded with a magnificent view. When the weather is fine, it is possible to see from Duisburg city centre along the Rhine as far as Düsseldorf. It is sometimes even possible to make out the airport control tower. Visible all around the sculpture are the bustling activities of the various steelworks and Logport’s huge storage areas, but also dense forests that have been left untouched.


Tiger & Turtle at dusk
Guided tour at Tiger & Turtle
Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain
Illuminated twists and turns
Tiger & Turtle during the day

Illuminated twists and turns

The landmark created by artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth looks especially impressive when night falls. This is when 880 LEDs trace the twists and turns of the steel sculpture. Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain is open day and night and entry is free.

Guided tours

Getting here and parking

By car
Via Ehinger Straße or Kaiserswerther Straße, 47249 Duisburg.
There are no larger parking lots at Angepark but it is easy to find parking spaces in the residential area nearby.

By public transport
From Duisburg Main Station take the tram 903 direction "Mannesmann Tor 2" to the stop "Tiger & Turtle"

Via Ehinger Straße between Hermann-Rinne Straße and Richard-Seiffert-Straße. There are parking spaces for busses along Ehinger Straße.


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