Duisburg's Inner Harbour

With bistros and restaurants right by the water, attractive events for young and old alike and glittering office complexes next to nostalgic warehouses, Duisburg’s Inner Harbour is one of the region’s most popular destinations.

An inner-city jewel

Here visitors can stroll along the water’s edge, passing various bistros, cafés and restaurants. Those with an interest in culture will find impressive museums in old converted warehouses. Nature lovers can amble along waterways and discover swans and cormorants. A yacht harbour glistens at the feet of the spectacular modern architecture of the ‘Five Boats’. Duisburg’s Inner Harbour is within walking distance of Duisburg city centre, offering relaxation, entertainment and culinary delights in equal measure.

… where people work hard.

The Inner Harbour used to be known as the Ruhr region’s breadbasket due to the large quantities of grain that were handled here. With the decline of the flour mills at the end of the 1960s came the inevitable decline of Duisburg’s Inner Harbour at the time. Work began to transform the site in the mid-1990s based on plans by the British star architect Sir Norman Foster.

Duisburg’s Inner Harbour around 1902

A harbour teeming with life

There are all kinds of regular festivals, events and other attractions throughout the year in Duisburg’s Inner Harbour. The main event is the three-day Inner Harbour Festival featuring the world’s biggest dragon boat fun regatta. Those who prefer to get active by the water can take part in the Inner Harbour Run, with the number of entrants growing year on year. The monthly Marina Market also draws thousands of visitors to the attractive stands every year. ExtraSchicht, the night of industrial culture, is always spectacular. And the little ones aren’t short-changed [WH1] [BN2] either: the annual KinderKulturFestival never fails to delight with a creative and lovingly presented programme.


"Garten der Erinnerung" - a popular parkGarten der Erinnerung mit Bürogebäude Five Boats
Part of a former office buildingInnehafen Duisburg - Garten der Erinnerung
District's archive building
Yacht harbourInnehafen Duisburg, unterer Teil - 1990 noch ein Industriehafen mit Getreidespeichern und Tanklager wurde der Innenhafen in den folgenden Jahren zu einem attraktiven Quartier umstrukturiert. Die Getreidespeicher wurden zu Bürohäusern und Museen, am Nordufer stehen Büroneubauten. In fast allen Gebäuden findet man Cafes, Restaurants oder Bars.
Small town canal nearby the main waterwayInnenhafen Duisburg - Hansegracht
Corputiusplatz with a model of the medieval DuisburgInnenhafen - Stadtrelief Johannes-Corputius-Platz

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Duisburg's Inner Harbour