In the centre of Duisburg, at the end of the regional cycle path known as the Ruhrtalradweg, stands the fascinating Rheinorange sculpture. Surrounded by Duisburg Port and an industrial panorama, the visitor is able to enjoy a unique vista in the heart of Duisburg.

A landmark in a significant location

If the Rhine and Ruhr had not converged, Duisburg would possibly never have come into being in the first place more than one thousand years ago. The location then became even more important during the industrialisation of the Ruhr Area. It turned Duisburg Port into the world’s biggest inland port and it remains so to this day. So it is little wonder that this place has a special significance in the city, which is why the 25-metre-high Rheinorange sculpture was erected here in 1992. It is visible from miles around and now also marks the end of the popular RuhrtalRadweg cycle path.


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