The seemingly long-forgotten vinyl record is currently experiencing a grand revival. The black disc has virtually acquired cult status for many music lovers. Fans will be in their element in Duisburg city centre, where there is one record shop after another.

A Mecca for record fans

Our tour goes from Schäferturm to Sonnenwall. The stations along the way are called ‘Far Out’, ‘Die Schallplatte' and ‘Andrä’. It goes without saying that those on the tour also want to have a little listen to the treasures they’ve just bought, which is why we also pay a visit to ‘city electronicer’ with its range of old and modern record players. A refreshing beer can also be enjoyed at the end of this tour.

Open Dates 2022

11 March, 10 June and 07 October at 05:00 p.m. (in German)

For Group individually on request; available languages: German, English, French; a maximum of 12 people

Duration and price

2 hours, € 12.00 per person

For groups: Duration 2 hours, EUR 160.00 / group (in German language 120 EUR / group)


Important note: It depends on the individual shops wether a mouth-nose protection has to be worn.