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American Football is a popular American ball game which is about to become more and more famous in Europe and East Asia as well. At the World Games it will take part as an invitational sport. It is a mixture of original Rugby and common Football (Am.: Soccer). The field is 120 yards (109,7 m) long and 50 yards (48,7 m) wide. Each team defends its end zone, where the rival needs to take the ball (weighing about 425 grams). This zone (10 yards behind the 0 yards-line) is marked and thus defines the field. The two teams consist of an Offense and a Defense team with eleven players each, seven receivers and four running backs. The match takes four quarters at 15 minutes. The so called "Quarterback" functions as a central player.

All recent types of American Football are based on medieval Rugby. While modern Football developed in England, English emigrants built up "American Football" in Northern America.

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