Cities Twinned with Duisburg

Calais, France

The partnership between Duisburg and Calais like the connection with Portsmouth is already very longstanding, and exists since 1964. It has been continually developed, and many Duisburg schools and sports associations maintain active contact with France.
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Portsmouth, England

Duisburg and Portsmouth were twinned 50 years ago as one of the first Anglo-German city partnerships after the Second World War and foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1948, Captain Colin Hutchison was stationed in Duisburg as British Commandant. He had personal connections with Portsmouth and suggested that the two cities, both having suffered destruction during the war, should establish friendly relations with each other. On 11.07.1950, Portsmouth City Council deliberated on his suggestion and decided to approach the city of Duisburg with the proposal of becoming twin cities. The Lord Mayor at the time, Sir Denis Daley, accordingly wrote to Duisburg's Mayor August Seeling who accepted the proposal with thanks.
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Duisburg and Vilnius were officially twinned on 10 October 1985. At that time, Vilnius was still part of the Soviet Union which was to collapse several years later. Lithuania like the other Baltic states Estonia and Latvia then became independent. The impetus to establish a partnership with Vilnius came from religious circles and was based on the same concept of reconciliation that initiated the partnerships with Portsmouth and Calais after the Second World War.
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Wuhan, China

Duisburg was twinned with Wuhan in 1982. It was the first city in the Federal Republic of Germany to be twinned with a city in the People's Republic of China. Mayor of Duisburg at the time Josef Krings signed the deed of partnership with Mayor Li Zhi in Wuhan on 8 October 1982.
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Gaziantep, Turkey

Gaziantep is an emergent metropolis in the south-east of Turkey. The city has a population of 1.2 million and a history dating back some 5000 years. "Duisburg and Gaziantep have a lot in common", said Mayor Güzelbey: "Both cities are characterised by industry, their citizens are hardworking and belong to centres with several different cultures." Tolerance is a tradition in Gaziantep - just as it is in Duisburg. And: "We wish to bring our cultural heritage to Europe in the course of talks on Turkey joining the EU." There are more people who come from Gazianteps living in NRW and above all in Duisburg than anywhere else in Germany.